Daughter of the Artist




When Felicia was seven years old her mother, Clare Newberry Trujíllo, began teaching her to draw from life, write and lay out books. This prepared Felicia enough to head the Medical Graphics Department at San Francisco General Hospital/UC Medical Center and other Bay Area hospitals, where she created public health education materials until she began her training as a Patient Advocate and fell in love with pre-med studies, which led to her certification as a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor and as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, teaching internationally in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs.


After a car accident in 1978, surgeons warned she required surgery that would still leave her in a wheelchair for life. Felicia chose to study with Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, D.Sc. instead and graduated in Israel in 1983. She has happily taught his work ever since.


Felicia lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her small rescued Schnauzer, Zack Wolf-Snout Stealth, the most feline of canines, and four hens: Hecate, Ariana, Nina, Simone and their rooster, Cinnamon Toast.


For more information about Clare T. Newberry’s books and fans, see her Facebook Group page under CLARE TURLAY NEWBERRY.


For more information about Felicia’s Feldenkrais work, see her site at www.BackRescue.com

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