In this sequel to her mother’s biography, THE CAT ARTIST, which follows Newberry’s rise to international fame, Felicia’s more personal memoir follows Newberry after the author’s birth, as she continued to create books and portfolios, and describes her life with second husband Henry V. Trujíllo and their daughter, Felicia, through their years together in New Mexico where Felicia was raised as a tricultural daughter born at the intersection of the Spanish culture, the American Indian cultures, and the Santa Fe art colony.

THE CAT ARTIST’S DAUGHTER also shares Felicia’s adventures “on the road” in 1960s California, where she unwittingly retraces her mother’s steps and her “fairy tale” upbringing helps her survive against overwhelming odds amidst the sexuality, drugs, protest and crime of the 1960s lifestyle.

Along the way, Trujillo meets famous personalities such as Michelle Gilliam, later Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, author Oliver La Farge, Michael Murphy (founder of Esalen Institute), Alan Watts, Joan and Mimi Baez, Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane) Jerry Garcia, Lou Gottlieb (the Limeliters), Black actor Ray Johnson (The Black Fantastics, Bullitt), Erik Darling (the Tarriers, the Weavers, the Rooftop Singers), the “father” of the San Francisco music scene, Chet Helms, and Janis Joplin.

This memoir also relates her daughter’s investigation of the steps leading to her mother’s sudden death “under suspicious circumstances.”