PANDORA (1944) New Edition 2015!

PANDORA (1944), published in 1944, was done in yet another new medium Newberry developed to make cats come so alive on paper that they seemed ready to walk off the page. She perfected using pastels on velour paper, and chose a long-haired Persian kitty, Pandora, as her heroine. In a daring move, she also included free ink sketches usually only shared between artists, and never before presented to the public.

Artists, cat fanciers, and children all loved the rich, three-dimensional, drawings of Pandora portrayed with the personality of a real feline—both maddening and delightful.

The story itself will ring true for anyone who has ever known and loved a cat. Newberry was pleased to admit that all her stories were “99 and 44/100% true.” Pandora, her very own cat, was drawn from life for this book.

Like the classic original, with its portrayal of affectionate patience with pets by both children and their parents, this new edition of Newberry’s PANDORA has been lovingly re-issued by her daughter, Felicia N. Trujíllo, and features three innovations for Newberry fans and students.

This is the first edition to feature a full color reproduction of the cover art; a commentary about Newberry’s artistic process in creating PANDORA, which was the result of a quantum leap in the artist’s work after studying THE NATURAL WAY TO DRAW by the leading American art teacher, Kimon Nicolaides. This edition also includes a brief excerpt  from biography of the artist’s pioneer childhood, which will soon be available: THE CAT ARTIST, The Story of Clare Turlay Newberry, by her daughter Felicia.

I’ve included a photograph my mother took of Pandora as a kitten.

Clare 1945001

Clare Turlay Newberry, 1945

Anyone who has ever had a feline companion of there own will recognize the mischievousness and demands of a cat named Pandora — and what a boy named Peter and his mother must put up with! Originally published in 1944 and now brought back into print for a new generation of appreciative readers, the truly remarkable thing that sets “Pandora” apart from other picture book stories for young (and old!) readers is the outstanding quality of the artwork throughout. All the fine art images are black and white production with a single exception in the form of a full page, full color reproduction in the middle of the book of the cover art. This new edition is produced by Felicia N. Trujillo (who is the daughter of the author and artist Clare Turlay Newberry) and features a brief biography of artist Clare Newberry’s childhood. A simply wonderful read from beginning to end, “Pandora” is unreservedly recommended for community library collections for readers of all ages — and would prove an enduringly popular and valued addition to the personal collections of all feline companion enthusiasts!

Andrea Kay