HERBERT THE LION (1931, 1939, 1956)

(1931, 1939, 1956). As a Paris art student, Clare wrote and illustrated her first book, HERBERT THE LION and sent it to friend John Steinbeck’s agent in New York.  In 1931, HERBERT pounced into the lives of American children.

“This is one of the most delightful and amusing picture books that has ever been published.” Alice Dalgleish of Parents Magazine.

“This charming and clever picture book has a humor and fancy that appeal both to children and adults.” The New York Times

When HERBERT was re-issued in 1939, The New York Times praised:

“Elaborately becurled and long of limb, Herbert suggests the lions of Assyrian art. Children are delighted with the drawings which amusingly suggest the rapidity of Herbert’s growth and motion, and effectively indicate the situation created by his impetuous disposition…”

HERBERT stayed in print until it was last re-issued in 1998 and the publishers, Smithmark, filed a Chapter 11 releasing brand new books to be sold as “used” and sometimes at collector’s prices.

Clare identified with the lion, from his tendency to overeat and develop tummy troubles, to her sense that she alarmed others with her independent lifestyle.

As you can see in her last book, FROSTY, Clare was to love large and wilder animals all of her life.