MARSHMALLOW (1942), with a bunny and a bachelor cat, garnered Clare’s next Caldecott Honors. Barbara Scott Fisher interviewed her for the Christian Science Monitor, December 23, 1944, in She Draws Cats:

“Every word of Oliver and Marshmallow is true,” she declared, “even to the drawing of them wrapped in each other’s arms. I know people find this hard to believe, but the bunny was so little and was so convinced that Oliver was his mother, that what could Oliver do but be his mother the best he could? Anyway, we disproved the ancient belief that felines are always at swords’ points with rodents, because this cat and rabbit were the best of friends. I gave him to a little boy in Scarsdale, and he provided him with a wife called Pink Ears. I mention this,” Mrs. Newberry explained merrily, “to satisfy the children who are always writing me to find out what became of Marshmallow.”