DRAWING A CAT (1940) drew the world’s attention and articles and reviews about the book appeared not only in the United States, but also in England and Scotland—all of which Clare carefully pasted into her large scrapbook, which I still treasure.

So many admirers and fellow artists had asked Clare how she accomplished drawing such difficult models, that she wrote DRAWING A CAT, first published in 1940, and then republished with additional drawings in 1949 under the title DRAWING CATS.

Clare wrote, “I never try to make a finished picture of a cat until I have studied it for two or three weeks at least. I begin by making a great many rapid sketches, and at this stage I am careful to draw only what I see; stopping a sketch the instant the cat moves, instead of finishing from memory as I am tempted to do. Otherwise my studies might be misleading to me later, when I had forgotten where observation left off and guesswork began.”